January 18, 2007

Who will pay for DRM?

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The Times wrote that HD DVDs can’t be played on Vista computers. If the PCs use a digital connection link with the monitor or television the highest level of content protection (HDCP) is required. About 15 percent of PCs sold in Britain use digital connections, but virtually none of the PCs that use a digital connection have HDCP.

Consumer: (calls the Microsoft service hotline) “My HD DVD does not play on my Vista PC”

Microsoft: “It’s not our fault. At the moment HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs certainly require such protection.”

Consumer: “What can I do?”

Microsoft: “Computers with built-in HDCP protection – which could play such discs – are being phased in”

Consumer:“I don’t understand”

Microsoft:“You have to buy a new PC and a new monitor”

Consumer:“?!#%!.;…”(end of call)

Meanwhile Slashdot announces that a clever developer has provided a solution how HD DVD could be played on Vista computers – using BackupHDDVD, a tool to decrypt AACS protected movies.

Developer:“My BackupHDDVD is a tool for creating Fair Use copies of HD DVDs. Consumers (who have some technical expertise) can download it from my website and install it on their Vista PCs”

Lawyer:“BackupHDDVD is is a circumvention tool. Cease and desist or we will sue you!”

Developer:“Okay, go ahead. The EFF will defend my rights”

Lawyer:“Okay, we’ll see”

After two years there will be a settlement between the EFF and the Hollywood studios. Consumers will “phase in” HDCP buying Microsoft Vista, new PCs and new monitors. And Hollywood is happy that they still control their content distribution value-chain. Conclusion: Consumers will pay for DRM.

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